Rodney Grey

After service with the RCAF in Canada, the United Kingdom and East Africa, Rodney Grey studied at Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, (BA Political Science and Economics 1947), University of Toronto, (MA Political Economy 1948) and the University of London, England (Ph.D. 1953). He was Assistant Financial Editor, Saturday Night, 1948-1949, Sessional Lecturer at Queen’s 1949-1950, and a member of the Financial Staff of the Manchester Guardian in London, 1951-1952.

In 1953, he returned to Canada to become Executive Assistant to the Minister of Finance (the Honourable Douglas Abbott) and later he joined the Department of Finance, dealing with tariffs and trade policy.

In 1955, Mr. Grey was appointed Canadian Representative to the GATT Tariff Negotiations Working Party, which planned the tariff negotiations of 1956. Since that time he has attended a large number of international meetings: in the GATT, in the OECD, in the UN and has negotiated on trade issues with most of Canada’s trading partners. He was a member of the Canadian Delegation to the “Dillon Round” of negotiations in 1960-1962 and became Head of the Negotiating Team in Geneva. In 1963, he chaired the GATT Committee which planned the “Kennedy Round” and during that negotiation he represented Canada in the group which worked out the Anti-Dumping Code. During this period, Mr. Grey was the Chairman of the Interdepartmental Committee on Low-Cost Imports Policy and for a number of years was the Canadian negotiator for such matters. He was also heavily involved in the negotiations of the Canada/United States Automotive Products Agreement.

In 1965, Mr. Grey was appointed Director, International Economic Relations, Department of Finance, and in 1967, Assistant Deputy Minister, in charge of the Tariffs, Trade and Aid Branch. In 1975, he was appointed Head of the Canadian Delegation to the “Tokyo Round” with the rank of Ambassador. In 1979, at the conclusion of that negotiation, he resigned from the Federal public service to become a consultant on trade policy and for four years, special adviser to the Government of Ontario.

Mr. Grey is Chairman of Grey, Clark, Shih and Associates Limited. He is the author of numerous articles and publications on trade policy, including a study on the Canadian anti-dumping system published by the private Planning Association and studies on U.S. trade policy legislation published by the C.D. Howe Research Institute and the Institute for Research on Public Policy.

Mr. Grey has been extensively involved in technical assistance projects and studies for the United Nations. He resides and works in Paris, France.

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