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  • Advising and providing strategic advice to corporations, farm groups, trade associations and national and sub-national governments on a range of Canadian, national and sub-national policies affecting various aspects of the business environment.

  • Advising and representing clients on Canadian and foreign trade, tariff, tax, and regulatory developments affecting their interests, including multilateral and regional trade negotiations.

  • Providing strategic advice, analysis, litigation support and counsel to clients and governments involved in WTONAFTA and other regional trading group challenges and dispute settlement proceedings.

  • Technical assistance and confidence building to developing countries on negotiating strategies and trade/regulatory administration;

  • Preparing analytical research and strategic studies for businesses, governments, research institutes and international organizations on specific trade, investment and industrial policy issues.

  • Preparing submissions to and representing clients before Canadian Administrative Tribunals and Parliamentary Committees.

  • Representing and advising clients in their dealings with government departments and agencies on regulatory matters.

  • Representing clients in Canadian Customs, commodity tax, anti-dumping and other unfair trade practices matters.

  • Analyzing clients on the implications of legislative and regulatory developments in the area of trade, investment, regulatory and commercial policy including farm support and risk management.

  • Advising corporations, farm groups, trade associations and governments on potential bilateral and multilateral trade disputes negotiating strategies.