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Canadians invited to comment on TPP

Canadians have been invited to comment on the agreement at:

Many will glaze over quickly reading the extensive legalese in the 6,000 page plus TPP text and side letters. Here is the consolidated text from the TPP Repository in New Zealand.

The US Administration has provided a user friendly text which annotates the terms of the agreement tries to simplify the benefits from an American perspective.

In the current mood in Washington, the Administration with neither admit nor highlight any costs – it is, after all, the total deal which matters.

Canada earlier provided Technical explanations from a Canadian perspective.

The Government is inviting lot of feedback – and while it may be difficult to cope, it certainly reflects an openness and inclusiveness which has been missing from the earlier process.

Nothing startling yet – wine lovers will be pleased and Canadian Whiskey is protected. And BC’s log export ban has not been lifted – but its future could be the subject of WTO litigation.

This is a massive deal about nearly everything.  I will be analyzing, so stay tuned.


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