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Sun Sentinel Endorsement – None of the above

The Florida Sun Sentinel has refused to endorse any of the GOP candidates.

Their reasons seem sound. Marco Rubio should fare better in his home state but seems to be paying for trashing former Governor Jeb Bush, the Sentinel’s early choice.

The condemnations of Rubio – gets elected and doesn’t go to work – yesterday’s views on issues important to Floridians. Elected to the senate and started running for president. Reminds one of a Chatty Cathy doll.

Many Floridians would find Cruz scary, Cruz doesn’t understand military bombing technique. The evangelical card does not play well in Florida. John Kasich’s campaign is uninspiring. Too little too late.

The Donald attracted the usual complaints and condemnation but his appeal is not dead. Like Senator Bernie Sanders, he has tapped into anger and dissatisfaction driven by growing inequality. The elites ignore this at their peril.

I am in Canada so am missing the bombardment of negative attack ads in Florida. Beating up on Trump seems to solidify his support.

Will voters Trump has attracted stay with the process if he does not or cannot? Would Sanders Blue collar supporters migrate to Trump?

Michigan should set the tone for March 15.

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